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At Kings InterAfrica we realise that our most important asset is our people. With that in mind, we do all we can to make life as pleaseant – and rewarding – for all who work for Kings InterAfrica.

Incentive Bonus

Insentive Bonus

Apart from paying above average salaries, every member of the staff is on a monthly incentive bonus based on the performance of the company.



Study Assistance

Study Assistance

The company has a very rewarding study assistance program.

In simple terms – any employee wishing to study pays half the costs of the module’s fees and the company pays the other half.

As soon as the employee passes that module he/she is refunded their half. Should the employee continue studying, the process is repeated until the degree or diploma is earned.



The following job oppertunities are avialable at King's InterAfrica Logistics:

No Vacancies

Currently there are no immediate vacancies available at the King's interAfrica logistics company. Should you nevertheless still think that your "skills" cannot be ignored by King's interAfrica logistics, then feel free to send your application with a comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV) to:Send your CV

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