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To continue the Kings InterAfrica plan to offer more and better service to our clients and customers, we have pleasure in telling you our Harare depot is now open.

Details are as follows:


The depot is under the very able management of Mr Frank Mwako who can be contacted on 0772 73 38 56


The depot is well situated at:  21 Douglas Road, Workington

As with our Isando depot we pride ourselves on the services we offer to both client and sub-contractor.

South bound Loads:

Having the very well connected Frank Mwako in Harare we are well positioned to attend to all our existing clients for South Bound loads but are constantly getting new loads.


As we do in Isando, Kings InterAfrica will supply diesel to any sub-contractor on the same terms and conditions ie diesel is supplied and the cost is deducted when payment is made for the load.

Tyres, spares and other purchases

Kings InterAfrica will assist any sub-contractor with requirements for tyres, spares or any other requirements.


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