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Tortoise Transport / Black Eight Transport

Tortoise Transport is a Zimbabwe based company running 30 tri-axles.

Black Eight Transport shares directors with Kings InterAfrica Logistics ie Dave Harris and Ryan King.

Tortoise Transport and Black Eight Transport have an agreement that Black Eight Transport will manage and administer the Tortoise Transport fleet in South Africa. That is, all loading, accounting and administration is done in Johannesburg.


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Trafalgar Logistics

Kings InterAfrica Logistics share the Isando premises with Trafalgar Logistics and accordingly there is a great working arrangement between the two companies.

Trafalgar is managed by the General Manager, Mr Johan Barnard, assisted by the Operations Manager Mr Deon Venter.


King Zoom Freight

King Zoom Freight

Kings Zoom Freight has a fleet of South African super-link flatbed trailers.



TLT Transport

TLT Transport

TLT Transport has a fleet of South African registered sided super links.



Sub Contractors

Kings InterAfrica Logistics is very lucky to have a team of efficient sub-contractors. Sub-contractors who maintain the Kings InterAfrica Logistics policy of guaranteeing good service.

Using our dedicated team of sub contractors, Kings InterAfrica Logistics cater for every load from flat bed, sided, containers and even abnormals. Some of our sub contractors include:

  • Blaizing Sun
  • Blue Roof Transport
  • Bubstrans Transport
  • Combrinks Transport
  • Freight Hall
  • J Nel Haulage
  • Maverick Transport
  • NEM Logistics
  • R. Ferreira Transport
  • Rundle Transport
  • Sando Transport
  • Truck Africa
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