About Us

Kings InterAfrica Logistics
was born

The records show that Kings InterAfrica Logistics was born, registered, and commenced business in 2009. But in reality, Kings InterAfrica Logistics was conceived may years before. In the early 2000s Ryan King and Dave Harris were managing Zimbabwe transport companies from South Africa.
It was in this period they experienced the frustration of dealing with brokers – the broken promises for payment, even at times the non-payment. And they saw too, how the consignor was often ignored.
It was at this stage that Ryan and Dave knew there was a glaring gap in the market for a broker who could guarantee top service to the exporter and at the same time honour every promise of payment to the transporter.
And so the motto “A Promise made is a Promise Kept” was born.

And that is still the way Kings InterAfrica still runs.


The philosophy of Kings InterAfrica Logistics is quite simply
“A promise made is a promise kept”
Any promise we make, be it:

  • To the transporter to get his payment on a specific date
  • To the consignor to give him the assurance that his goods are in the safest hands and will be delivered intact and on time.
  • To the consignor and consignee to give daily tracking so all parties know exactly where the load is at any particular time
  • To our creditors that they will be paid in full on due date
  • To our staff to give them the best opportunity to improve themselves and to advance in the company

Yes, that promise is always kept.


Kings InterAfrica does not sell a product.
Kings InterAfrica does not sell commodities.
Kings InterAfrica only sells SERVICE.

And so at Kings InterAfrica management and staff have one mission –

To continue giving everyone we deal with the best possible service in the industry.
And that is why Kings InterAfrica Logistics has been so successful – simply because we give the best possible service.


As the efficiency of the rail system deteriorates, we see road transport becoming more essential.

And as road transport develops so will the need for the complete one stop logistics service – a complete service as offered by Kings InterAfrica.